Treading Water

by | Apr 2, 2019

The last couple of weeks have been challenged with health issues and then the approach of my birthday week along with remembering Jacob’s birthday (April 1), I have found myself reflecting and looking for inspiration to get re-energized. In one of my journals I found this entry which I now see as a poem and offer it to you with hope that it touches one person who may be feeling the same.

In a hole, a deep hole at the edge of the ocean.

Treading water, waiting for a swell to push you or propel you out.

You try to find something in the walls to hold on to – just to rest for a little while.

Or maybe there is a place where you can get a foothold and start to climb,

But then a wave comes over the top and knocks you back down.

Treading water again.

Most time the light is only partial because the wall are so high.

There is only a short time where the light is directly overhead.

In the shadows it is cold,

But when the light is overhead you can feel the warmth on your shoulders.

Waiting for someone to come throw you a rope,

To help you climb out.

It’s not that you aren’t trying on your own,

But sometimes it is just so hard to get started when you know the tides.

One day at a time, life goes on.

Be well.

Until next time…