Under the Kukui Tree

by | Nov 18, 2017

Thought it might be a good time to repost this one.

Under the Kukui Tree…The kukui tree in my backyard has been one of the main sources of enlightenment for this new journey of Alaka’i Associates. It began as a sapling carried down from the Koolau and given to us by a friend. It sat in its pot for several years, patiently waiting for us to tend to it. Every time we happened to notice it, it would have one or two little green leaves to tell us it was hanging on. Then, as it happens, we had cut down an old coconut tree and had the roots mulched and thought that might be a good place to try to plant our kukui tree. It was a perfect spot, as the tree began to grow rapidly, and within just a couple of years was big enough to provide shade and became a perfect place for meditation, laying on a lauhala mat Under the Kukui Tree.

We were thrilled when it started to bloom and bear fruit, and with some special mana from dear family pets resting there, it has not stopped blooming and fruiting since. As the spring season lends to new growth, I invite you to find a tree to sit under and take yourself through this meditation (click on link below):

Be a Tree

a hui hou…