Wear the Red Shoes

by | Apr 9, 2019

Lately I have been drawn to the subject of creativity – perhaps because I need to re- insert some into my life – so today we are going to explore what creativity might look like. No doubt you might be one of those individuals who has the notion that only a few select people in the world are creative or artistic. That only those exceptionally talented individuals have the permission to step outside the box in their creative pursuits. Or perhaps you are one that believes that like intelligence, creativity can be measured on a standardized test. Research has shown that each of us possess at least seven measurable intelligences, ranging from mathematical to linguistic to musical to interpersonal. Research also has found that intelligence is not only located in the brain but distributed throughout the cells in the body. Your capacity for creativity is much greater than you ever imagined.

So how do we tap into our unlimited creative power and unleash its full potential? One of the first steps is to figure out what you were created for, to determine your life purpose. Each of us were created with a unique package of gifts – your talents, your personality, your dreams. No one else can bring them to life the way your Creator intended. You may have to dabble in a few things until you find the one that fits. While I have little talent for drawing or painting, I have found that I really seem to connect with writing and facilitating or training. Once your curiosity and passion come together you will see progress begin.

Here are a few ideas to help you start to explore where your creativity might be brought to life:

  • Expose yourself to beautiful music. You increase your intellectual and creative powers when you listen to classical music, particularly that of Mozart and Bach. Their music was composed with particular attention to melody and harmony that beneficially affect your brain waves and inspires creativity.
  • Expose yourself to the performing arts. Great theatre, ballet, opera, and movies allow your imagination to stretch beyond its usual horizon.
  • Expose yourself to literature. Study inspirational individuals who are doing the work you want to do.

Give yourself the freedom to act creatively. And if that means you wear red shoes – DO IT!

Until next time…